Finding Humans.
Not Resources.

NWS identifies, finds, and evaluates the personalities who will guarantee the success of your company in the future.

pragmatic, transparent, personal and at eye level.

Executive Search

Strategic Search

In today's fast-paced business world, it is crucial to find executives who are a perfect fit for the corporate culture - both professionally and personally. Our expertise enables us to create tailored search profiles through a thorough analysis of your requirements.

Comprehensive Network

Thanks to our extensive network, we identify and reach outstanding executives both nationally and internationally. By combining data analysis and personal relationships, we find the perfect personalities for your company.

Sustainable Success

Our track record demonstrates that we can not only successfully fill leadership positions but also sustainably. With our in-depth understanding of the dynamics and challenges of various industries, we can provide companies with assistance in finding executives who are crucial not only for current success but also for future developments.

Our Expertise

Our consultants have extensive expertise in the search for suitable personalities for various functional areas. We support you across industries in your search in the following areas / functions:

  • CEO / Management Board
  • CFO / Finance and Services
  • Division management / Business unit management
  • Production / Operations / Logistics
  • Marketing / Communication
  • Sales
  • IT / Technology / Digital
  • Human Resources

Our Process

Needs and Requirements
Needs Analysis
Our process begins with understanding your specific needs and requirements. Through personal conversations and detailed analyses, we develop a clear picture of the position to be filled, the desired leadership qualities and the required expertise.
Needs and Requirements
Market Research and Identification
Targeted Search
Based on the needs analysis, we conduct comprehensive market research. We combine expertise, networking, and digital channels to identify and approach potential candidates.
Market Research and Identification
Preselection and Evaluation
Evaluation and Selection
Suitable candidates are selected through a thorough evaluation of their qualifications, experience, and skills. This includes interviews, reference checks and, if necessary, special assessments to select the best candidates for your company.
Preselection and Evaluation
Selection and Decision
Employment Decision
The selected top candidates will be presented to you personally. We support you in the final selection process by providing detailed profiles and recommendations and offering advice during the final interviews and negotiations.
Selection and Decision
Integration and Follow-Up
Securing Success
We remain an active partner even after the position has been successfully filled. We support both your company and the new executive during the integration process and offer ongoing advice to ensure a long-term and successful collaboration.
Integration and Follow-Up