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Knowing the current and future capabilities of your management and other key functions is critical to the success of your business.

Assessment Portfolio

Selection Assessments

At NWS Executive Search, we develop customized assessment strategies that are precisely tailored to the individual requirements of your company. Through this holistic assessment, we provide you with targeted support in your selection decision.

Potential Analysis

Our potential analysis does not focus exclusively on a specific position but evaluates the potential of selected employees generally regarding their next development step within your company.

Our Process

Needs Analysis
Laying the Foundation for Success
This first step is crucial to understanding your exact requirements and goals. We conduct in-depth interviews to develop a clear picture of the leadership skills and competencies required. Based on this, we design a customized assessment plan that is specifically tailored to your business objectives.
Needs Analysis
Carrying out the Assessment
Gaining in-depth Insights
In this phase, we use advanced assessment tools and techniques to gain a comprehensive understanding of your candidates' skills and potential. Our process may include personality tests, cognitive ability tests, structured interviews, and simulation-based exercises to provide a holistic assessment.
Carrying out the Assessment
Analysis and Reporting
Creating Insights from Data
Once the assessment is complete, our experts analyze the results thoroughly. We create detailed reports that highlight the strengths, development potential and overall performance level of each candidate. These reports provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.
Analysis and Reporting
Feedback and Development Recommendations
Promoting Targeted Development
We offer constructive feedback to both the participants and your company. Based on the assessment results, we develop individual recommendations to further develop your candidates' skills and facilitate their integration into your leadership teams.
Feedback and Development Recommendations
Follow-Up and Support
Ensuring Long-Term Success
Our commitment does not end with the completion of the assessment. We provide ongoing support to assist with the implementation of development plans and to promote the successful integration and performance of leaders within your organization.
Follow-Up and Support